How to Adjust Ownership Share

How to Adjust Ownership Share

During the Horses career, there will be times when you need to adjust the shares amongst the Owners, either when one sells to another or a new one comes in and the shares need to be adjusted. To do that, do the following:  
  1. Go to Horse page

  2. Select the horse you want to update from the list on the left hand side.

  3. Next to Owner section, click Edit Ownership button, Edit Horse Ownership dialog will be shown.

  4. All the current owners of the horse will be displayed. Add the adjustment date (the apply date for the change), review and adjust the shares as required, ensuring you keep the total to 100% allocated.

  5. Click Save to finish the process.


  • The Adjustment Date is the date of Sale. Purchase and billing date will be plus one day from that date.

  • If the share of owner(s) changes to 0% after the adjustment, the owner will be moved to OTHERS tab of the horse’s OWNER section.

  • You can’t see the owners with 0% share of the horse in Edit Horse Ownership dialog. But you can input their name in this dialog, provide number of share and add them as current owners of the horse.

  • The transaction will be recorded to TRANSACTION HISTORY tab by Adjustment Date plus 1.

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