How to use this Support & Learning Centre

How to use this Support & Learning Centre

The Prism Support & Learning Centre is a great resource to help you configure and use Prism to get the best out of your subscription. It's also the best place to request additional support and guidance from our Support Team.

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    • How to use presets

      To use and update presets, simply follow the steps below: 1. Click on the Preset icon () 2. Select your preferred task preset 3. Fields will then be automatically updated 4. Click Create
    • How to use the Finance Dashboard

      Once created, all Statements and the Status of each can be viewed under the Owners profile or in the Finance Module under the Dashboard tab - Statements All statements created will be listed in this screen. Statement information includes: Statement ...
    • How to use the Racing Module

      The Racing module shows all your nominations and acceptances coming up as well as race results from the previous two weeks. You can switch between the two tabs to view. UPCOMING RACES From this screen you can also click on any of the following icons ...
    • How to edit your Profile

      This article shows you how to edit your Profile. We recommend you do this as the first step to setup your Prism Master Account or your new staff member (user) profile. To add or update information, click on your profile at the top right of the ...
    • How to configure Tax Rates, Accounts and Tracking Categories

      Configuring Xero Tax Rates, Chart of Accounts and Track Categories is the first step to improved stable management via the Prism Finance module.  Every single expense should have a Tax Rate and an Account assigned to it, whether it be in your Rules ...