What is Prism Pay?

What is Prism Pay?

As mentioned above, when you send the statement to owners, they are able to receive it via emails. When they click on PAY NOW button in the email, it will open payment page in browser.

The page shows the statement ID that the owner is about to pay, your name and the payment amount as pre-filled. Owner just need fill in their payment information then hit PAY button to go.

Then a receipt will be sent to owner’s email address.

You are able to see the status of a statement in Finance – Statement.

  • Approved: Statements are newly generated.

  • Sent: Your statement was sent to owner account’s email address.

  • Seen: The statement was opened by the owner.

  • Processing: Owner paid for this statement but the amount has not been transferred to Prism Bank Account

  • Received: The amount has been transferred to Prism Bank Account and Prism Pay is in-charge to transfer the money to your bank account.

  • Error: Error happens and Prism Pay is in-progress to update.

Prism Pay is working on payment function to bring more experiences and conveniences to Trainers and Owners in this process.

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