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      • [Syndicator] Refresh Management Fee

        Syndicators can now easily recalculate the management fee if they have any related changes. For syndicators, a new button named “Refresh management fee” has been added the Finance > Rule > Management Fee section: When the button is clicked, the ...
      • Pull the Latest Ownership Shared From Trainer

        Supplier portals can now update the ownership of shared horses. We've added a new button in the horse profile in Supplier portals named “Refresh Ownership”. This button will allow suppliers to update their horse's ownership information to the latest ...
      • New Horse Sale Module

        We've moved the Horses Available module out of the CMS and renamed this "Horse Sale" so that users who may not have a Prism website can still post their horses for sale online. Note: If you have a Prism website that has a Horses Available section, ...
      • Filter horses by Age and Sex

        You can now filter horses by Sex and Age to help find your horses easier. Simply click on the drop down boxes highlighted in the screenshot below to help narrow down your search:
      • Send Emails Only To Billed Owners

        You can now send emails only to owners who have active shares with your horses (the owners you send invoices to). Simply select the Invoiced Owners option in your Stable/Syndicate Update and select specific owners, or all invoiced owners: