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      • Wrkplace HR Overview

        Wrkplace Digital delivers digital solutions and services to modernise your workplace practices. Our partnerswhip with Wrkplace provides the Wrkplace HR solution as a module within Prism. The Wrkplace HR solution includes easy-to-use tools to manage ...
      • How to create Statements [Trainers, Farms and other service providers] - Quick Reference

        This is an abbreviated version of the How to Create Statements in Finance [Trainers, Farms and other service providers] article. Use it as a quick reference. 1. Finance – Transaction - Create Statements 2. Change Dates to the statement month – Always ...
      • How to Create Statements in Finance [Syndicators]

        The Create Statement process allows you to review all finance transactions for all items for a specified period, generate invoices and send Statements (with those accompanying invoices) to Owners. This process will also synchronise all invoices to ...
      • How to configure import of invoices from a supplier who is using Prism

        Prism Finance subscribers can import invoices received from any supplier who is also a Prism Finance subscriber. This feature is ideal for trainers and syndicators who receive invoices from any other training, pre-training/breaking, veterinary, ...
      • Convert Applicants into an Employee

        If you wish to offer a position to an Applicant, update the Application Stage to Offer. This automatically adds the employee record in your list of People, along with all contact details the applicant provided and the job they applied for. If you ...