Add Job Vacancy

Add Job Vacancy

As an employer, you can add job adverts for any position you have entered into Wrkplace.

You can then immediately copy the URL to the unique landing page created for your job vacancy, and share on your website, social media and job boards, or via email or text message. Start attracting applicants in minutes!

Here’s how to add a job vacancy.

  • Go to Recruitment > Jobs
  • Click the Add Job button
  • Enter relevant details about the job vacancy

You must have the Position already created in Configure > Positions.

Wrkplace automatically generates a Job Landing Page, ready to share publicly and attract applicants online.

View the Job Landing Page then copy the URL and share on your website, social media, email or text message.

Applicants wishing to apply for a job can apply online via the application form on this Job Landing page.

Applicants then appear in Wrkplace for you to review and rate. You will also receive an email alert.

Contact us to confirm the email address you would like these new applicant notifications to be sent to.

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