Add People

Add People

All Employees and Contractors are added into the People table.

If you are using Wrkplace Attendance, adding employees and contractors into the People table streamlines the sign-in process. You can also record more information about each employee and contractor, not just their email and phone number.

If you are using Wrkplace Recruitment, also record all relevant employment details of each employee. This includes employment and payroll data and the ability to upload documents.

Here is how to add People.

Navigate to Configure > People and click Add People.

Be sure to specify which Places (locations) each employee and contractor can work in.

Where the person type is recorded as an Employee, additional information tabs allow you to record employment and payroll data, and upload documents. This data is critical at the time of offering a position to a candidate, and during the employment of each employee.

The content to record includes:



Payroll Settings

Current PositionUpload File, then enter:Remuneration Type
Employment TypeDocument ID (select)Hours Worked per Week/Fortnight/Month
Reports ToDocument TitleRemuneration ($)
Date Commenced PositionDate Saved (auto populated)Payroll Calendar
Probation (Weeks)
Holiday Group

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