How to add Stallion Notes and review history

How to add Stallion Notes and review history


You can add breeding notes for a Stallion regarding their progress.

1. Go to Horse Page and select the Stallion.
2. Select “Breeding tab” and the “Note” sub-tab.
3. Click on New Breeding note button to open Add New Breeding Note dialog

4. Input the note, optionally attach media / document and/or send the note to owners.
5. A saved note can be edited / deleted / emailed via the Action Icons.


1. Go to Horse list and search for the Stallion.
2. Click on Breeding tab, select “History” sub-tab.
3. List of all historical data for the selected Stallion will display.

In this History tab, you can:
  1. Delete an historical item
  2. Edit an historical item
  3. Add service fee transaction to invoice the owners.
  4. Customise the view: add / drop the columns

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