Wrkplace is now even better with advanced employee records

Wrkplace is now even better with advanced employee records

5 August 2021 | Wrkplace

Wrkplace is now even better with advanced employee records

You can now record more employee data for each employee in the Wrkplace People records, including:
  1. Employment Type (Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual)
  2. Current Position (customise your positions)
  3. Awards and Award Classifications
  4. Documents (CV, Certificates of Training, Employment Contracts, Medicals)
  5. Payroll information
  6. Emergency Contacts
Navigate to Configure > People, and for each employee, look for the additional tabs. Finally you can ditch that clunky and insecure filing cabinet!

And it wont be long until we sync employees with Xero to save you even more time!

Watch Wrkplace's short, 3 minute demonstration in the video below.

Click here learn more about Wrkplace and how to easily utilise this module within your Prism portal. Or email sales@wrkplace.horse. A free trial is available for all Prism subscribers.

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