How to approve or reject owner access request

How to approve or reject horse access requests

Via the Prism Owner Portal, owners will sometimes request access to horses in your stable if they are Owners of that horse. This is usually when they are syndicate members or 'other owners' not responsible for payments, and the manager of a syndicate has not provided you contact details of syndicate members.

Once they send the request, you will receive a notification advising of the request.

Click on the notification to see the request or view all Requests via the following:
  1. Go to Owner page.
  2. Under the search box in the left, filter the owner list by status “Awaiting Approval”, with the awaiting owners then listed in the screen
  3. Select each owner to view their request. The Horse they requested will be in the AWAITING APPROVAL section
  4. You will then need to Approve or Reject the request using the buttons in the Action column
  5. Once you approve, Edit Horse Ownership dialog will then appear and you can provide the % share for the owner.
  6. If you cancel the screen, the owner is added to the horse as an interested party (Go to OTHERS tab in Owners section of the horse.

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