How to add Broodmares

How to add Broodmares


You can add new Broodmare(s) and their Owner(s), manually. 

This process is exactly the same as adding any other type of horse to your management portal, but you must specify the horse type as a Broodmare in order for breeding features to be enabled. You may also optionally specify a category.


It is important to define the Managing Owner of each Broodmare. That will be the person who will receive the Stallion Service Contract you send.

To define the Managing Owner, click on the star next to the owner’s name in owners list of the mare. Make sure it’s highlighted

The Category of the appointed Managing Owner is set to “Costs” as default. Other Owners need to be categorised. 

Note: Broodmare Owners assigned a category other than “Costs” may not be changed their portion of the Service Fee. See section 2.2. for more information.

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