How to configure Horse Categories and Stallion Fee Categories

How to configure Horse Categories and Stallion Fee Categories


The Breeding feature add on allows you to:
  1. record Horse Type on each horse profile (Stallion, Broodmare, Foal, Weanling, Yearling, 2YO, Racehorse, Speller); and
  2. optionally record a Horse Category for each Horse Type.
The Horse Type and Horse Categories appear in various reports and screens.

Horse Types are pre-defined. You may configure Horse Categories for each Horse Type:

1. Go to Master Data Configuration.

2. Select “Horse Type” in Screen.
3. Select a Horse Type from the Label list.

4. Add Horse Categories, if desired. For example, you may choose to add categories of Dry Mare and Wet Mare, for each Broodmare.

List (optional)


Whether you are a stallion farm managing bookings to your stallions, or a breeder or broodmare farm recording the stallions that each mare is booked to, you can configure the different types of Stallion Fee Categories.

On each Stallion Booking (a mare nomination to a standing stallion on your farm or to an outside stallion), you can specify the Stallion Fee Category to correctly reflect the terms of service, including whether or not the mare owner is charged a stallion service fee (if you are a stallion farm).

1. Go to Master Data Configuration.

2. Select “Stallion Fee Category”. Here, you can add / edit / delete stallion fee categories as needed to reflect the various methods of you (as a stallion farm) charging your stallion fees, or how stallion farms charge you (as a breeder).

If you are a stallion farm, clearly identify which stallion fee categories are to result in a service fee to be charged. Other categories such as Shareholder Rights, Free Returns etc, do not result in a service fee being charged. 

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