Breeding features now available on the Prism Mobile App

Breeding features now available on the Prism Mobile App

07 May 2021 | Breeding, Prism Mobile

You can now access a variety of breeding features on the Prism Mobile App (iOS and Android), specifically:
  1. Breeding Dashboard
  2. Stallion Booking Requests (from Breedr)
  3. Stallion Bookings
  4. Mare Covers and Breeding Tasks
  5. Breeding Tasks in the Schedule & My Tasks screens


  1. View all Bookings in the Breeding dashboard by tapping on the Breeding Dashboard item in the More tab

  1. View the booking detail by tapping on a booking
  2. Filter bookings by Season, Mare name, Stallion name and Booking Status
  3. Delete a booking by tapping on the ‘Delete Booking’ item in the Actions menu


  1. View all Booking Requests received from breeders via the platform, by tapping on the Booking Request item in the More tab of the Booking Dashboard.
  2. User can confirm/reject or add booking to Waitlist when tapping on corresponding button on the Review Booking screen


  1. View the Bookings to your Stallions in the Stallion > Breeding > Bookings tab
  2. Booking list is separated to 2 tabs: Bookings and History

  1. Click on the Actions link to view or delete bookings.


  1. View Booking and Breeding tasks in the Mare > Breeding tab

  1. User can add new breeding tasks:
  1. Uterine Swab
  2. Clitoral Swab
  3. PG
  4. Re-Examine
  5. Ovulation
  6. Cross Cover
  7. New Service
  8. Other 
  1. View Task detail
  2. Mark a Breeding Task as Complete
  3. Edit Breeding Task to complete
  4. Delete some breeding tasks: Uterine Swab, Clitoral Swab, Re-examine, Ovulation, other tasks