How to manage breeding tasks via Breeding Worksheet

How to manage breeding tasks via Breeding Worksheet

You can also view, add and edit all breeding tasks via the Breeding Worksheet, located in the Schedule screen.

Note: Another common name for a Breeding Worksheets is Crush Report. It is particularly useful when examining mares leading up to a cover.

The worksheet defaults to today's date in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and only shows mares with pending breeding tasks on or before the selected date - as per above.

You can optionally:
  1. change the view to display future dates;
  2. only display mares in specific Location(s);
  3. only display mares in specific Category(ies);
  4. display all mares and their upcoming breeding tasks, even if those tasks are not pending (due) on or before the selected date.

For each mare displayed, the Stallion Booking with the oldest pending task displays in the 'Booked To' column. Other information shown includes:
  1. Mare’s current Location and Paddock
  2. Day(s) since Foaling, PGed, Served or and Ovulated, regardless of the Stallion Booking
  3. Current Status
  4. Upcoming (or still pending) Breeding Tasks. Note these are just the breeding tasks, not vet or general (farrier/dentist) procedures.
  5. Horse Profile Note (recorded on main profile page of the Mare) *
  6. Comment
Note: In addition to Horse Notes that can be recorded on specific dates, you can record a more generic Horse Note on the Horse Profile. This Horse Note is not date-specific and may be suitable for general notes such as breeding seasonal notes, horse allergies, horse behavioural vices and safety precautions for staff - among other uses.

You may perform a number of actions on the breeding worksheet.
  1. Print this report for a manual operation.

  1. Edit Breeding Tasks via the Edit action icon, including completing tasks and adding notes against each task.

  1. Add a new Vet Procedure via the Add Procedure action icon.

  1. Add new Breeding Tasks via the Add Tasks action icon.

  1. You may add Comments on a particular date.

These comments will then appear in the Mare Profile > Breeding > Notes tab.

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