Broodmare & Foal Reports

Broodmare & Foal Reports


This report identifies any broodmare without a booking to a Stallion in the selected season.

Go to Breeding > Mare No Booking to access the report. 

The Season will default to the current year, but you can change the season.

The report displays all broodmares without a booking to any Stallion. 

(Note that in coming weeks we will refine this report further to identify any broodmare without a booking to any standing Stallion, AND without a Service to any outside Stallion.)

You may save this report in PDF or CSV format.

You can view owners of the Broodmare.

You can Add a Stallion Booking from this screen also.


Foals Report shows all horses who were born in a specified period. 

If “Foaled From Date” to “Foaled To Date” are not defined, the report displays all horses you have in the farm. If you define a period, the results are limited to all horses foaled during that time. 

If you discover missing horses, you can add it easily by clicking on + New Horse button.

You can filter the list by Foal Name, Sire, Dam, Sex, Colour, Location, Status. 

You can order the list by Foal Name, Sire, Dam, Foaled Date, Sex, Colour, Location and Status just by clicking on the label of headings.

You can save the report by in CSV format.


Via the Breeding > Dashboard, selected the Projected Foaling Report in the available drop down.

You may View the report or export as a CSV or PDF without applying any filters or sorting.
Optionally, click the filter icon to open the Filter & Sort Options window. Filter selected locations and choose whether to sort by foaling date (default) or by Mare name.

After this filter and sort is applied, View the report or export as a CSV or PDF.

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