How to add a Horse Note

Configure Procedures

Before starting to record procedures, you must first configure a master list of Procedures.

1. Navigate to Master Config

2. Select Procedure screen configuration

3. Select Category label

4. Proceed to add procedure categories, edit categories, or delete categories.

You can only delete a category if there are no specific procedures assigned to that category.
Procedure Categories are optional. You may choose to leave all specific procedures in a single 'Custom' category and not group procedures into different categories. In some occasions, this can allow the selection of procedures quicker in the Add Procedure screen, as you can start typing to search for a procedure name. But in the case where you have hundreds of procedures, categorising can assist.

5. Then select Specific label and (optionally) select a Procedure Category in the drop down list to display specific procedures in that category - and/or add new Procedures.

6. Proceed to select specific procedures (by ticking the tick box ) and Move them to Other Categories.

7. You can identify specific Procedures as a Vaccination or Drench. Click the  icon in the farm right hand side of the Procedure row.

This is very important to help you view and Vaccinations and Drenches in a few ways:
  1. On the horse profile

  1. In the Schedule > Worksheet (read Filter for Vaccinations and Drenches in Worksheet)

  1. In the Horse Tasks & Notes Report (Improved Horse Task and Note reporting)

  1. In Breeding, Arrival or Departure Notifications to owners where you can automatically include vaccinations (read How to send Breeding Notifications to mare owners and How to send Horse Arrival and Departure Owner Notifications)

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