How to create Stallion Contract templates for electronic signature

How to create Stallion Contract templates for electronic signature

This article is application to Stallion Farms who need to send Stallion Service Agreements to breeders.

In a partnership with Breedr (, the Prism Breeding / Breedr Stud module allows stallion farms to setup any number of stallion service agreement templates (stallion contracts) to be automatically populated with booking, mare and mare owner data, then emailed to mare owners for electronic completion and signature. 

Adding new document templates and configuring them for electronic signature, is a breeze. Renowned e-signature solution HelloSign has been 'embedded' within the Prism Breeding / Breedr Stud module to offer the most flexible and easiest template creation experience.

The Prism Breeding / Breedr Stud module can save you hours of administration.

Watch this video below, or scroll down to read this article detailing the two steps to setup document templates:
  1. Upload document
  2. Decide who needs to sign and what data needs to be displayed


1. Navigate to Breeding > Stallion Contracts
2. Click on e-Signature Templates

2. Click Add Template

3. Choose your document to upload (typically a PDF or MS Word document)
4. Name your Template


Each template you create can be automatically populated with information from the Booking, Mare, Mare Owner or Agent. You just need to drag your selected fields into place.

1. Select 'Sender' in the Signers drop-down list to configure the text boxes you (the Sender) wish to populate
2. Drag a Text Box onto your document template, placing the box and re-sizing it to suit your document
3. For each Text Box, select the data field to be displayed from the Booking, Mare or Mare Owner in Prism, via the What text goes here? dropdown list


You may only need a signature and a date from the owner of the mare. For some templates, you may also want the owner to provide some additional information as well.

1. Select ‘Owner’ (or 'Client') in the Signers drop-down list to configure the signature field or other data field you want the Owner to complete or sign
2. Drag the Signature field into your document template
3. Drag the Date Signed field into your document template
4. Optionally drag a Text Box, Tick Box, Drop-Down or Radio Group into your document template if you wish the Owner to provide more information when they sign
5. Specify whether these text boxes, tick boxes, drop-downs or radio groups are required or not

Consider this important distinction between tick boxes and radio groups.
- A tick box is just one box that can be flagged as required or not.
- A radio group is a group of two or more options. The owner can only select one option in a group. You can specify the group as required, meaning the employee must select at least one option. 

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