How to customise email header and footer

How to customise email header and footer

You can customise your email header (banner) and footer images and also optionally include text to appear just above the email footer image. These email banner and footer appear in every email sent by Prism, including horse reports and statements.

Login as your Master Admin user account.

Navigate to Setup Banner/Footer option via your avatar in the top right hand corner of your screen.

In this screen, you can:
  1. Add/update email Header Banner;
  2. Add/update a web page URL that email recipients will be directed to if they click on the Header Banner;
  3. Add/update email Footer Banner;
  4. Add/update a web page URL that email recipients will be directed to if they click on the Footer Banner;
  5. Add/update text to display in each email just above the Footer Banner.

These features are designed to give you complete control over what you want displayed in each email communication to your customers, and the links you wish to direct traffic to. 

The recommendation dimensions for the banner images (typically PNG or; JPG files) are:
  1. Header 1440px wide x 250px high;
  2. Footer 1440px wide x 200px high.
You can then set the links to suitable pages of horses or events you wish to promote, information pages, expressions of interest, etc.
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