Email the Managing Owner of one or more mares from the Breeding > Dashboard

Email the Managing Owner of one or more mares from the Breeding > Dashboard

Release Date 19 November 2021 | Breeding

Managing bookings, mare status and general communications with each mare owner is a constant challenge. That's why we have now enabled an email function within the Breeding Dashboard.

From the Breeding Dashboard, first apply any relevant sorting and filters on fields such as season, stallion or owner. To email the Managing Owner of a mare or mares, either:
  1. click the email action icon against a single Booking

  1. select one or multiple Bookings and click on the Send Email button that will appear.

In both cases, the email address of the Managing Owner (or Managing Owners of multiple mares) will pre-populate in the Send Email window. You can also manually add any email address.

Then complete the Subject and the Email Content, before Sending.

All emails are sent from the email address configured to send Stallion Contracts. Even if you are a broodmare mare who does not send Stallion Contracts, this configuration can still be customised to an email address you choose. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Importantly, only the mare's Managing Owner, as set on the Booking, will be emailed. For each Booking, we recommend identifying the Managing Owner with the gold star, as per below. You can also assign the Managing Owner on the mare's profile, so all future bookings are accurate.

Sent emails will be stored in Reports > Email Log.