Filter for Vaccinations and Drenches in Worksheet

Filter for Vaccinations and Drenches in Worksheet

25 September 2021 | General Management

In the Schedule > Worksheet, you can now filter for Vaccination & Drench procedures only. 

Applying this filter in the Worksheet will show the last two vaccination procedures plus upcoming vaccination procedures.
  1. Navigate to Schedule > Worksheet
  2. In the Task Type filter, select only Vaccinations & Drenches

Procedures must be marked as Vaccinations via Master Config in order to appear in this Vaccination and Drenches filter.

Note that you may choose to include Drenches as a 'Vaccination' in Master Config, to aid this Worksheet filter and reporting.

A reminder that if you tick the ‘Only show horses with pending task on or before selected date’ check box, the filtered result will only include horses with tasks pending as at the date selected in the top left of the screen.

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