Get started with breeding

Get started with breeding

The Breeding features within Prism enables Stallion and Broodmare farms to manage:

  1. Stallions and Broodmares as different horse types within the Management module;
  2. Stallion service fees [Stallion Farms];
  3. Bookings to outside (off farm) Stallions;
  4. Bookings to Standing Stallions [Stallion Farms];
  5. Stallion service contracts, automatically populated and sent via email or DocuSign [Stallion Farms]
  6. Broodmare breeding / reproductive tasks;
  7. Broodmare pregnancy / scan procedures and results;
  8. Stallion and Mare notes and daily tasks;
  9. Breeding notifications to mare owners;
  10. Reporting requirements such as foal reports and Stallion returns.
Some features in this instruction manual may relate only to Stallion Farms or only to Broodmare Farms and are indicated as such.

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