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Owner Communications module overview

The Owner Communications module allows you to perform the following actions:
  1. upload media (Photo, Video and Audio ) to your horse profiles, on Prism Web or Mobile Apps;
  2. record media (Photo, Video and Audio) and upload to your horse profiles, on your Prism Mobile App;
  3. send horse updates to owners of each horse and include email text and attach or record media (Photo, Video, Audio and/or Documents);
  4. send pre-race and post-race reports to owners of each horse and include email text and attach or record media (Photo, Video, Audio and/or Documents);
  5. send group updates on multiple horses at one time and include email text and attach or record media (Photo, Video, Audio and/or Documents);
  6. send stable updates (or syndicate updates if you are a syndicator) and include email text and attach or record media (Photo, Video, Audio and/or Documents);
  7. send arrival and/or departure notifications to owners of each horse upon a Location change.
The Owner Communications module also enables the sending of the racing notifications to owners via email and owner portal app notifications -  typically within 30 minutes of publication:
  1. Race Nominations
  2. Race Acceptances
  3. Race Results
  4. Race Scratchings
If you are a trainer, these race notifications to owners are enabled by default. You can choose to disable any of the above notifications. Discuss this with our Onboarding Team as we help you setup your Communications module.

Using the Owner Communications module allows your owners to access the Prism Owner Portal via the web or their preferred mobile device (iOS and Android apps). In addition to receiving emails, they can:
  1. receive notifications in their web browser and/or mobile app;
  2. view horses they own with you and other stables, farms and syndicators;
  3. view media and previous horse reports and stable/syndicate updates.
Before starting to use the Communications module, there are some important configurations to take place.

Configure Email Security on your Domain

Your Prism account will be configured to email your owners from an email address or email addresses on your domain.

You must have an email address on a domain you own (e.g. xxxx@yourstable.com). We cannot configure Prism to email from generic hosted email accounts such as @gmail.com, @bigpond.com, @yahoo.com, @xtra.co.nz. 

This minimises security risks for you and your owners. However, it does mean we have to add two important Domain Name System (DNS) records to your domain.

The security mechanism we use is DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), an email authentication technique that allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed sent and authorised by the owner of that domain. 

Our team will email you instructions to add these two records to your domain and can assist.

If you do not own your own domain or do not currently use an email address on your domain, we will require you to secure a domain and add emails to that domain. Our team can provide advice on how to achieve this.

Choosing an Email Address or Email Addresses to send from

We offer some flexibility in which email addresses that Prism sends emails from.

Whilst we cannot allow emails to be sent from each Prism Staff Email Address, you can choose which email addresses are to be used when sending the following types of communications:
  1. Media Uploaded to Horse Profile
  2. Horse Reports
  3. Stable & Syndicate Updates
  4. Arrival & Departure Notices
  5. Race Nominations
  6. Race Acceptances
  7. Race Results
  8. Race Scratchings
  9. Invitations to Owners to setup a Prism Owner Account
Our team will discuss these email sender settings with you prior to enabling your Communications module.

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