How to add a Horse Note

Get Started with Horse Notes

Horse notes are for any ongoing items you wish to document and keep a record of relating to the horse.

They are date-specific, but they are not tasks that are scheduled in advance. Nor are they assigned to a staff member or supplier.

The different types of Horse Notes are:
  1. Horse Temperature (AM and/or PM)
  2. Horse Weight
  3. Horse Feed Left (AM and/or PM)
  4. Trot Up
  5. Vet
  6. X-Ray
  7. Scope
  8. Blood Profile
  9. Race Plan
  10. General Note
There is no configuration required for most of these notes, except Scope Notes. Review the article Customise Scope and Blood Profile Results before starting to record Scope Notes.

Once recorded, all Horse Notes will appear in the Horse Profile > Notes tab.

Review the article How to add a Horse Note

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