How to add a Horse Report

How to add a Horse Report

Horse Reports are for the general updating of a horse’s progress.

1. Click  button, then Horse Report

2. Select the horse

3. Edit the Title (which will be used as the Email Subject line)

4. Optionally edit the scheduled publish time, if you wish to schedule the email notification in the future.

5. Edit the Greeting (typically not applicable)

6. Add any comments in the Comments box (i.e., comments on progress, trials, jump outs, issues)

7. Add any links by clicking on Add Link and inserting relevant website address. If you want to add more than one link, click on the + icon. If you wish to remove a link, simply click on the trash icon

8. Add any media to the report by clicking Add Media and uploaded the relevant media file. You can also add documents to these reports.  

9. Click Save as Draft if you wish to keep it in draft format and come back to it later

10. Click Publish if you are ready to make the report live and sent out to owners (if they have relevant permissions)

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