How to add an owner

How to add an owner

There are two ways to open the Add Owner screen:
  1. Click on the green  button, then select Owner; or
  2. From the Owner menu, click on the Add Owner button 

Then proceed to enter all the relevant details of the owner. These fields are mandatory:
  1. First & Last Name
  2. Display Name - this will default to "Last Name, First Name". You may change this display name if relevant.
  3. Email Address
These fields are optional, but recommended:
  1. Mobile Number (or landline if no mobile)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Company
  4. Owner User ID - this field can be used to store the owner's Racing Authority Owner ID (in Australia, this could be the owner's user ID used to register owners and horses)
  5. Breeder ID - this field can be used to store the owner's Racing Authority Breeder ID (in Australia, this could be the owner's Aust Stud Book ID)
  6. Client Ranking
  7. Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country (note: entering Country will enable the State dropdown list)

4. Click Submit to add the owner

5. The owner will then be invited to join the Prism Owner Portal to view their horses using their Email as the Username and then set up their own Password.

By default, Owners will receive an email notification when they have been added to the ownership of a horse. During implementation, discuss with our Customer Onboarding team whether you wish for this email notification to remain enabled. At any time, you may choose to disable this email notification by contacting us at

If you have subscribed to the Prism Finance module, one or more Financial Accounts (Debtor Accounts) can be linked to an Owner Profile. Please review How to Manage a Debtor Account in Finance

For bulk owner uploads please email us at to arrange.

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