How to add Audio

How to add Media (photo, video, audio)

You can upload any Photo, Video or Audio file into each horse profile in Prism.

If we have enabled Sender Settings in your Communications Module to notify owners when that media is uploaded, they will receive an email and a notification via the Prism Owner Portal (web and mobile app).

Regardless, these media files will be visible to stable/farm/syndicator staff and owners, in the Media tab of each horse profile (depending on staff and owner permissions). The media can also be easily attached to a Pre-Race Report, a Post-Race Report or a Horse Report.

Many stables, farms and syndicators use this feature to upload media anytime for team review. They disable media notifications to owners when media is uploaded, choosing to instead attach the media to a Horse Report. This prevents owners receiving multiple notifications of multiple media files when they are uploaded.

To upload a photo, video or audio to a horse profile, please follow these steps:

1. Click the  button on your Prism Web account or Mobile App

2. Select Photo, Video or Audio 

2. Depending on what media you wish to upload, either:
  1. click on the microphone icon to upload an audio file; or
  2. click on camcorder icon to upload a video or enter the URL to embed an existing video from Vimeo or YouTube; or
  3. click on the Add File button  to select a photo file from your computer or device.
If you are using the Prism Mobile App on your preferred device (either Apple iOS or Android), you can take a photo or record and audio or video, live.

3. Select a horse from drop down.

4. Modify the date of the audio, photo or video - if required

5. Insert title and description

7. Click Upload. The photo, video, audio file will upload with progress bar displayed.

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