How to add staff

How to add and maintain Staff Members and Permissions

Not every staff member needs to access your Prism account to view or record activity. For those that do, you can easily add new staff members as Prism Users and maintain their security permissions. 

We do recommend waiting until your domain and Prism account are configured to securely send emails from your email address. Our onboarding team will advise when that is ready. After adding staff members to your Prism account, they will receive an email invitation to login.

You can add staff members anytime, even before your domain and Prism account are enabled to send emails. But staff will not receive an email invitation to setup their user account. In such cases, you will need to manually notify staff members that their Prism staff user account has been created. They will need to click the Forgot Password option on the Prism Login screen (, to set their password.

Add Staff Members as Prism Users

Go to the Staff menu tab.

Click Invite Staff in the top right of the Staff screen

Input details for the new staff member (Name, Email, Location, Position)

In this same screen, assign Permissions to control what each user can do (View only, Create new items, Update existing items or Delete existing items). Or you can grant All permissions where appropriate.

Click Invite to email the staff member an invitation to setup their Prism user account, using their Email as the Username. They will be asked to set up their own Password.

​For bulk staff uploads please email us at to arrange.

Advise your Staff Members

We recommend sharing these important articles with each new staff member, so they can edit their Profile, set their Time Zone and preferred Notifications and learn how to change or reset their password at any time.

Deactivate or Remove a Staff Member

You may wish to deactivate or remove a staff member.

To temporarily remove a staff member from your stable, select the staff member from the list and click Deactivate in the top right hand corner.

If that staff member has outstanding tasks you can choose to:
  1. Mark as Completed
  2. Manually Re-Assign to remove the outstanding tasks from the deactivated staff’s task list and leave the tasks in there Unassigned.
To reactivate the staff member, click the Reactive button to reinstate their access and permissions.

To remove a staff member completely, click on the Remove button and they will be removed from the system completely.
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