How to adjust an owner's ownership share in a horse

How to adjust an owner's ownership share in a horse

There will be times when you need to adjust an owner's ownership share in a horse, either when one owner sells to another or a new one comes in and the shares need to be adjusted.

Follow the steps in this article to achieve that.

1. Go to the Horse Profile page

2. Select the horse you want to update from the list on the left hand side.

3. Next to Owner section, click Edit Ownership button. The Edit Horse Ownership window will be shown.

4. All the current owners of the horse will be displayed.
  1. Specify the adjustment date (the date for the ownership change will be applied);
  2. Review and adjust the share % owned as required, adding share % ownership in the +% column, and reducing share % ownership in the -% column;
  3. Add new owner(s) to the horse ownership and their share percentage owned, one at a time via the Add button.
  4. Ensure you maintain the total share ownership at 100%;
  5. Click Save

5. Click Save to finish the process.


The Adjustment Date is the date of Sale. Purchase and billing date will be plus one day from that date. 

If you wish for the billing to be effective on the 1st of a month, specify the Adjustment Date to be the last day of the prior month. 

If you adjust the ownership share to 0%, the owner will be moved to OTHERS tab of the horse’s OWNER section.

You can’t see the owners with 0% share of the horse in Edit Horse Ownership dialog. But you can input their name in this dialog, enter the share percentage and add them as current owners of the horse.

The transaction will be recorded to TRANSACTION HISTORY tab by Adjustment Date plus 1 day.

If this occasion is the first time you have added an ownership share to a horse, purchase and billing dates for a horse’s owner will be calculated from the ‘Adjustment Date’.
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