How to Archive an Owner

How to Archive an Owner

If you wish to remove an owner from a horse, you can archive the owner to ensure you maintain the transaction history of the horse

When you archive an owner, it means the horse will stay in their list as an archived horse. But the owner won’t be able to receive your updates about the horse in the future.

  1. Go to the Horse Page, select the horse that you want to make the update.

  2. Check Owners section, review the owner list in CURRENT or OTHERS tab and for the owner you intend to make the change.

  3. In the Action column, there are two options for the owner, click on Move to Previous A dialog confirmation shows if the owner still has some share in the horse.

  4. Go with Adjust Shareholding option, it will open Edit Horse Ownership dialog and follow the prompts, making sure you remove all of their shares and reallocated them to other Owners, ensuring the total remain at 100%.

  5. Then click Save.

You then can view the owner in the PREVIOUS tab with their transaction history.

From the view of the owner, once they log in the system, the horse is listed in their Archived horse list. They are able to view horse profile, racing information and statistics but no other media.

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