How to change horse location history

How to change Horse Location and/or Status

There are two ways to manually modify a current Horse's Location and/or Status.
  1. Edit Location/Status
  2. Add Location/Status History

Edit Location/Status

Beneath the Horse Name on a horse's profile, click the Edit pencil.

Then modify the Location and/or Status (and optionally the Barn/Paddock and Box). Be sure to set the date that the change was effective.

Add Location/Status History

On the Horse Profile, scroll down to the Location History section. Then click Add.

Enter the Location and Status (and optionally the Barn/Paddock and Box). Be sure to set the dates that the change was effective From and To.

You can use this function to add a new Location/Status history or add a new historical record where data was missing or needs correcting.

A horse's Location and / or Status can also be changed automatically upon completion of a Transport Task.

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