How to set up Group Comms

How to configure and assign Owner Groups

Owner Groups can be configured to allow you to target certain owners in Stable Updates.

You may wish to group similar owners based on their interests. Likewise, if you have a group of Owners who don’t currently own a share in any horse, you can create a group to communicate to them also.  

To achieve this, first create the Owner Group and then assign owners into those Groups.

Create Owner Groups

To add or update Owner Groups, click on your profile at the top right of the screen, then select Master Config.

Then go to the owner Group screen

Click the blue + icon and enter the name of the Owner Group you wish to add. Or you can edit the name of any existing Owner Group, or delete any Owner Group.

Once your Owner Group(s) have been configured, in each Owner Group, select one or multiple Owners from the drop-down list of Owners, and click the green + button to add them to the Group.

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