How to create Location and Status Reports

How to view Location and Status Report

The Location and Status report is a very useful report when going live with your Prism portal, and ongoing.

This report allows you to:

  1. quickly identify where all your horses are, how long they have been there and how long they have been in that Status for; and
  2. quickly identify the historical location and status of each horse over a selected time period.
Navigate to Reports, then Horse / Location Status

Select either:
  1. Current - to view current location and status of each horse; or
  2. Historical - to view location and status of each horse over a specified time period, including when changes occurred. Select a FROM and a TO date.
Apply Horse, Location and Status filters as desired, then click SEARCH. You can view, print or export to CSV. You can record Notes within the report to aid your operation.

Current report

Historical report

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