How to add a stable update

How to email a Stable Update

Stable Updates are for updating owners and stakeholders about general information from your stable including news, marketing and events.

In each Stable Update you can choose to send to:
  1. one, multiple or all Owners
  2. Owners of one, multiple or all Horses
  3. one, multiple or all Owner Groups

Click the green + button, then select Stable Update.

Or you can navigate to the Comms menu and select Add Stable Update

Choose whether you wish to select Owners, Owners by Horse or Owner Groups, as the recipients of your stable update.

Proceed to select one, multiple or all owners / owners by horse / owner groups.

You may optionally exclude other owners (with a 0% share in horses). Those owners do not receive Statements/Invoices so sometimes you may wish to avoid sending those owners some information (for example, information about your schedule of fees).

Proceed to enter a Title and Content, and attach any Media.

You can optionally schedule the Stable Update to be sent at a future date / time.

Click Save as Draft if you wish to keep it in draft format and come back to it later. Or click Publish if you are ready to make the report live and send out to recipients

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