How to Review Statements in Finance

How to Review Statements in Finance

Once created, all Statements and the Status of each can be viewed under the Owners profile or in the Finance Module under the Statement tab.  



You can create statements for overlap period but each transaction/ expense is invoiced once.

To view via the Finance Module, select the Statement Period in the drop down box, then all statements in the period will be listed out.


To send the statements to all:

  1. Click the column on the top left, all circles on the far left will be highlighted.

  2. Click the green Email button on the top right to send an email with the Statement to all Users.

  3. Green message show and your emails sent.


  • Statements where the charges were reversed will not be emailed.

An email similar to below will be sent on your Stables header and footer to all Owners with their specific invoice and amounts.

Your owner is able to view the statement in browser by clicking on PDF icon.

He/ she is able to pay for due amount by clicking on PAY NOW button as well.


To view an owner’s statement, click on View Statement icon, the statement will be shown in PDF format. It contains a Summary that lists all invoices by horse and charged to the owner based on the % ownership.

Note: Those using Safari may encounter some issues with the Statement View due to settings.  To fix this, go to the Preference pane of Safari, select the Security tab and ensure the “Block pop-up windows” option is not selected. For Chrome users, there will be a pop-up alert that will guide you through the process.


Owner Statements are broken into several key components, including:

  • Summary Section with Payment details

  • Individual Invoices per Horse detailing the line items and any discounts

  • Any Adjustment Notes




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