How to set/change your time zone

How to set your Timezone and Notifications

This article shows you how to configure your Time Zone and Notification settings. We recommend you perform this action when logged in as your Prism Master Account, as one of the first steps in configuring your Prism Account.

Each staff member (user) should also perform the same action.

To edit your Time Zone and Notification settings, click on your profile at the top right of the screen, then select Notifications.

Set the Time Zone applicable to your organisation, when logged in as your Prism Master User Account.

To enable notifications and reminders to be sent at the right time to each Staff Member, each Staff Member (user) should also set their Time Zone when they are logged in. This is useful for operations with multiple locations in different Time Zones. 

When logged in as your Prism Master User Account, and when each staff member is logged in, configure preferred Notifications settings. 

You can choose to be notified of various activities in your Prism portal, via one or a combination of:
  1. Web Notifications (when logged into Prism via a browser)
  2. Mobile Notifications (via the Prism Mobile app)
  3. Email Notifications (emailed to your email address)

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