How to use the Racing Module

How to use the Racing Module

The Racing module shows all your nominations and acceptances coming up as well as race results from the previous two weeks. You can switch between the two tabs to view.


From this screen you can also click on any of the following icons to be taken to Racing Australia’s Stable Assist login to update separately: Jockey (), Gear (), Scratch () and Accept the race ().

You can also create a Pre-Race report for the upcoming races by clicking on icon. If there is already a report, the grey icon will change to green.

Click on the race to view the fields for that race or for more in-depth analysis, you can click on the blue or green (in blue or green) icon to view full fields, form and stats as well as add a pre-race report.


Prism lists the previous fortnights results of your horses within the PREVIOUS 2 WEEKS tab.

Click on each race to view full results the race or click on the grey trophy icon to add a Post-Race report If the report has already been created, the icon will change to orange
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