I have publish a horse update but an owner did not receive it

I have publish a horse update but an owner did not receive it

Email is one an extremely temperamental form of communication with many different variables at play, however Prism through it's partner Postmark, provides the industry's fastest and most reliable email delivery with average inbox rate of 100%.

If there is an issue with Owners receiving emails, you can check via the Email Log under the Reports module in the Prism Portal.

Prism's email log is an important reporting tool to help you manage your owner communications and see which Owners are receiving and opening your communications. It also allows you to see who has unsubscribed or is having issues with their emails.

Status Key:
  1. Opened - the email has been opened by the recipient
  2. Delivered - the email has been delivered to the client's email but is yet to be viewed
  3. Processed - the email has been processed by Prism but yet to reach the Recipient
  4. Not Sent - there is an issue with the email address and can't be sent (i.e., incorrect email)
  5. Bounced - there is an issue with the email address and email has bounced (i.e., over mail limit quota)
  6. Unsubscribed - the email user has unsubscribed from your emails
For email status of Not Sent, Bounced or Unsubscribed, please email support@prism.horse to assist in reactivating those emails.

If the Status is Processed on an old email or if an Owner is claiming they are not receiving an email despite the Status being Delivered, it means that there may be an issue on the Owners Email Server and we will need to liaise with their IT Manager. Please email support@prism.horse if this is the case and we will follow up.

Finally, please ensure the Owners are in the Horse and have the right permissions checked to receive media - ie., Media, Reports, Noms etc. If they aren't on, click them on and save and they will then start receiving future correspondence for that horse.

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