[New Feature] Finance | Import expenses from a text file

[New Feature] Finance | Import expenses from a text file

Release Date: 8 December 2020

To save more hours in your day, you can now import expenses from a text file.

You may import expenses you have been charged by a supplier who is not a Prism finance subscriber*, or import expenses from a text file you have generated to save manual input.

* If your supplier is also a Prism Finance subscriber, we recommend the Import invoice feature recently released.

Navigate to Finance > Add Expense > Import Expense

The Import Expense dialog display.

To import expenses, you must have the expenses recorded in a defined file format and structure.

You can download a template file from the dialog by clicking on the Download Template File link.

Copy or add expenses into the template, and optionally save as a different filename.

Import the file by clicking ' Browse' button to select the file and then click the ' Import' button.

All expenses will be displayed in the next window before saving.

Update the Supplier to be applied for all expenses in this window

Split / Edit / Delete expenses as required

Optionally import more expenses by clicking 'Import more' button to select another file

Save, to import the expenses.

Each expense will be displayed in Finance > Transactions, ready for invoicing via the month-end Statement Run or the Single Invoice feature.