[New Feature] Finance | Import invoices from a supplier who is using Prism

[New Feature] Finance | Import invoices from a supplier who is using Prism

Release Date: 8 December 2020

Prism Finance subscribers can now import invoices received from any supplier who is also a Prism Finance subscriber.

This new feature is ideal for trainers and syndicators who receive invoices from any other training, pre-training/breaking, veterinary, farrier, dentist, agistment and transport service providers, and who need to reflect these expenses in Prism in order to on-charge owners.

No longer do you have to manually enter expenses from any of your suppliers who are also using Prism. This not only saves valuable time but helps you invoice owners more quickly to optimise cash flow and avoid errors.

This help page will describe three steps to use this feature:
  1. Provide your Prism ID to your supplier(s) who are Prism Finance subscribers;
  2. Configure import invoice rules
  3. Import invoices monthly, or as required

1. Provide your Supplier(s) with your Prism ID

Your Prism portal is assigned a unique Prism ID. Your supplier needs to add this Prism ID into your debtor account in their Prism portal, to allow you to import invoices from them.

Your Prism ID can be found in Organisation Config. Copy your Prism ID and provide to your supplier(s).

Your supplier can manually enter your Prism ID into the relevant debtor account in their Prism Finance portal. 

Note: You will still receive invoices via email.

Alternatively, your supplier(s) can request your Prism ID by using the 'Send Request' feature via your finance account in their Prism portal.

This will send you an email with a link to enter your Prism ID into an online form, which will automatically update your supplier's Prism portal.

2. Configure Import Invoice Rules

An Import Invoice rule will define the default settings on Expenses you are importing from a supplier invoice. 

Navigate to Finance > Rules > Import Invoice.

Click Add to add a new Import Invoice rule for:
  1. each supplier AND
  2. each different Expense Item.
Set the desired settings
  1. the Supplier;
  2. the Expense Item;
  3. any extra amount or percentage added to owner charges;
  4. taxation;
  5. the payables account you would like expenses to be posted to (a Supplier Bill will be automatically created in Xero, ready for your payment and reconciliation); and
  6. the receivables account you would like owner charges to be posted to (an Expense Transaction will be added into Prism ready for invoicing at end of month or selection on a Single Invoice).

3. Import invoice

All statements / invoices sent by your supplier(s) who have assigned your Prism ID into the relevant debtor account in their Prism portal, will be displayed in ‘Import Invoice’ screen.

Navigate to Finance > Import Invoice.
  1. Optionally apply a filter in the Statement Period column to only view invoices sent to you in a particular period;
  2. View invoices that are available to import by clicking on the view icon;
  3. Then click on the Import icon to commencing importing each invoice;
  4. Select the relevant Supplier that this invoice was received from, to apply the Supplier to all expense lines;
  5. View expense lines in the Import Invoice window and check each setting (payables account, receivables account, taxation, cost amount, sale (charge) amount) *;
  6. Split, Edit or Delete expense lines where necessary using the action icons in the far right column;
  7. Select some or all expense lines and then click Import button to import the expenses.
* All expense line item settings will be set by a matched Import Invoice rule for the Supplier and the Expense Item.

Expenses imported from from your supplier's invoice will display in the Finance Transaction list ready for invoicing during the month-end Statement run (or via the Single Invoice feature).

Invoices that have already been imported, even if only selected expense lines were imported, will be identified by a green coloured Import action icon. 

  1. An error message will display if you attempt to import invoice lines for a horse which does not exist in your portal. The horse, as defined by Sire, Dam and Foal Date) much match in both your Prism portal and your supplier's portal.
  2. If an Import Invoice Rule has not been setup, you will need to manually edit each invoice line prior to importing.
  3. If an Import Invoice Rule has not been setup and you choose not to manually edit each invoice line, expense transactions are still imported but Sale Amount will equal the Cost amount, and the payable and receivable accounts will be blank.
  4. We do not support the import of credit notes raised by your supplier(s).