Improved Horse Task and Note reporting

Improved Horse Task and Note reporting

Release Date: 4 November 2021 | General Management, Breeding Management
Subscribers to the Prism Stable & Farm Management and/or Breeding Management modules now have even better reporting options.

You can now filter for a variety of horse procedures, tasks and notes in the improved Tasks and Notes report.

Navigate to Report > Tasks and Notes.
Apply relevant filters, then Search

Specifically, the following filter options have been improved in the Tasks and Notes report.
  1. Vaccinations and Drenches (ensure Procedures are identified as Vaccinations/Drenches in Master Config > Procedures)
  2. Dentist and Farrier tasks can now be individually filtered, rather than included in General tasks
  3. Vet, Temperature, Weight, Feed and Mare Notes can now be filtered
  4. Breeding tasks can now be filtered

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