Manage Feed & Supplements

Manage Feed & Supplements

Subscribers to Prism PLUS can now maintain a Feed and Supplements master list, and utilise a feeding schedule for each horse.

This feature is ideal to digitise your feed schedule and ensure each horse receives the correct feed and supplements at each feed time.

The first step to using this feature is to maintain a master list of:
  1. Feed Times
  2. Feed
  3. Supplements
Then you can maintain each horse's feed in one or two ways:
  1. On each horse's profile; or
  2. Inline via the Feed Schedule

Maintain Feed Time, Feed and Supplements Master

1. Navigate to Master Config via your Avatar profile

2. Select Feed & Supplements

3. Select Feed

4. Proceed to add your Feed master list. We recommend including the appropriate unit of measure (e.g. a Dipper or Scoop) in the Feed name.

You can double click on any value to rename.

5. Change to Feed Time and add/modify your preferred Feed Times

6. Change to Supplements and add/modify your Supplements master list

Maintain Default Feed(s) and Supplement(s) for each Horse via Horse Profile [optional]

This step is optional. You can jump to the Feed Schedule (next section) to manage Feed(s) and Supplement(s) for each horse

On the Horse Profile, click in the Feed box to maintain the default Feed(s) and Supplement(s) for each Feed Time.

For each Feed Time (e.g. AM and PM in the sample below), specify the Feed(s) and Supplement(s) to be displayed on the Feed Schedule

View Feed Schedule

Navigate to Schedule > Feed.

Optionally filter by Locations, Barns and Feed Times.

Each Horse in the Location(s) / Barn(s) / Feed Time(s) selected, will appear in the Feed Schedule, along with the Feed and Supplements assigned to each Horse.

Add Feed(s) and Supplement(s) to each horse from this screen.

Edit Feed(s) and Supplement(s) for each horse from this screen

Add a Note for the day's Feed Schedule. This Note will appear at the top of the Feed Schedule to communicate general notes quickly.

This Feed Schedule Note is not location-specific.

Tally Daily Feed and Supplement Requirements

Tally the Feed and Supplements to aid the preparation of the feed and supplements.

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