How to manage your Stallion Roster and schedule

How to manage your Stallion Roster and schedule

Stud Masters and Nomination Managers now have an even better tools to manage their Stallion Rosters. 


1.      In Prism's Stallion Roster window (Breeding > Stallion Roster), each booking to each Stallion is visible, grouped into:
  1. Cover Date TBC – mares booked to the Stallion but without a Cover Date set
  2. Appointment TBC – mares booked to the Stallion with a Cover Date set, but not an Appointment
  3. Appointment – detailed roster by date and appointment.

2.      Bookings are colour-coded
  1. Green – Confirmed
  2. Amber - Unconfirmed

3.      You can edit each booking to update the booking status, cover date and appointment, in one of two ways:

  1. Clicking on the booking, then clicking the Edit pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the booking

  1. Dragging and dropping the booking into preferred days and appointments.
4.      This Stallion Roster allows you to schedule and re-schedule covers, specifically:
  1. Updating Cover Date on the Stallion Booking; and
  2. Updating Appointment on the Stallion Booking, where a booking is dragged to an Appointment available for the Stallion.
5.      A booking can be moved in the following ways:
  1. from Cover Date TBC row to a specific timeslot (specific Date and Appointment);
  2. from Cover Date TBC row to a specific Date but without Appointment (Appointment TBC);
  3. from Appointment TBC on a specific date to a specific timeslot (specific Date and Appointment);
  4. from Appointment TBC on a specific date to Appointment TBC on another date;
  5. from a specific Appointment to another specific Appointment.
6.      Note that a booking cannot be drag and dropped in the following cases:
  1. from specific Appointment to Cover Date TBC / Appointment TBC;
  2. from Appointment TBC to Cover Date TBC;
  3. from one Stallion Appointment to an Appointment with another Stallion;
  4. to an Appointment which already holds another booking;
  5. from the list of 'more' bookings such as below.

To help each Stallion Farm's operations team manage the serving of Mares by your resident Stallions, you can view and print a Service Worksheet.

1.      Go to the Schedule tab and then Service Worksheet. 

2.      Select the scheduled date of service/coverings.

3.      Larger Studs with multiple Stallions may further filter by Appointment (Morning, Lunchtime, Afternoon, Evening).

4.      The Service Sheet displays the following information for each Stallion Booking on the selected date (and appointment):
  1. Appointment
  2. Stallion
  3. Mare to be covered
  4. Brand and Microchip of the Mare
  5. Location and Status of the Mare
  6. Most recent Clitoral and Uterine Swab dates and results (regardless on which booking they were recorded)
  7. Whether or not the Stallion Service Contract has been received from the Breeder / Mare Owner
  8. Horse Notes recorded on the Mare Profile (often referred to as Seasonal Notes - see separate Release Note here)
  9. Status of the Service Task (Pending or Served or Cancelled)
5.      You can Save the report as a PDF file for printing or save as a CSV file (for excel or google sheets).

6.      After Services have taken place you may then record a Covering Note on the Service Task and complete the Service task via the Action button.

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