New Worksheet for Procedure, Farrier and Dentist tasks

New Worksheet for Procedure, Farrier and Dentist tasks

11 June 2021 | General Management

A new Worksheet has been released to help stables and farms execute and track all procedure, farrier and dentist tasks.

This new worksheet replaces the Farrier Worksheet, but now enables you to select vet procedures and/or dentist tasks in the sheet, along with other filtering capabilities.

To access the new Worksheet:
  1. Go to Schedule > Worksheet
  2. Filter on one or multiple fields: Location, Barn/Paddock, Horse Type, Task Type (Procedures/Farrier/Dentist) and Staff Member.

The Worksheet will display the last two completed tasks, plus any pending tasks. The status of the tasks are shown in the Date column, with a C (completed) or a P (pending).

You can choose to display:
  1. all horses that meet the filter criteria, or
  2. only horses with pending tasks on or before the selected date in the top left hand corner of the screen. toggling on/off the "ONLY SHOW HORSES WITH PENDING TASKS ON OF BEFORE SELECTED DATE" switch.

You can export or print this worksheet to issue to your stable or farm operations teams. 
For example, filter the worksheet for only pending Procedure tasks to be completed by your vet. Or filter by who the tasks are Assigned To, for more specific worksheets by staff member.

For each pending task displayed, you can: Delete, Set Reminder, Edit or Complete. 

You can also add a Procedure or a General Task in this same screen, meaning you do not have to keep switching between screens to complete multiple tasks.