[Finance] Improvement to Payment Note template

[Finance] Improvement to Payment Note template

1 June 2022 | Enhanced Feature| Finance | Payments

In the template of the Payment Note that appears on end of month Statements, you can now:
  1. insert the unique secure Direct Debit Authorisation link to encourage owners to authorise you to direct debit their credit card of bank account, and
  2. specify whether you wish to include or exclude the Payment Note for owners who have authorised Direct Debit.
Navigate to Organisation Config.

At the bottom of the Payment Note template, you have two options to enable or disable.

Show Payment Note for Direct Debit Customers - when disabled (by default), this Payment Note is not displayed on the Statement, as the owner will be direct debited

Include Direct Debit Authorisation Link - when enabled, a {debitlink] field is inserted into the Payment Note template.

Copy the {debitlink} text and paste wherever you prefer the direct debit authorisation link to appear. This link is the same unique link that is emailed to owners when you Send Request to sign up to direct debit, from the owner profile. 

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