Prism Finance And Xero Overview

Prism Finance And Xero Overview

Overview of Both Systems

The integration with Xero allows Prism Finance users to manage finance transactions and billing processes in Prism, along with payment reconciliations and other accounting specific tasks in Xero.

Specifically, Xero is used to:
  1. set up Chart Of Accounts and Tax Rates;
  2. set up bank feeds; 
  3. reconcile payments to client invoices (exported from Prism into MYOB); and
  4. manage the core accounting functions including ledgers, trial balances, balance sheet, profit and loss, accounts payable, accounts receivables, payroll, GST reporting and Activity Statements. 
Prism Finance is used to:
  1. manage clients (horse owners) and their ownership on each horse;
  2. manage finance transactions (expense and credits) and allocate to correct accounts from Chart Of Accounts exported from MYOB;
  3. import client payments from MYOB to maintain their account balances; and
  4. generate and issue invoices to clients in each billing cycle.

Owners, invoices and credit notes are all synchronised from Prism to Xero, each financial period.

Owner payments are synchronised from Xero to Prism very soon after reconciliation of those payments to each invoice in Xero. This ensures an up to date accounts receivable overview by Owner (debtor), in both systems at all times.


  1. Subscription to the Prism Finance module;

Xero Support

In addition to this system manual, please review our Prism Finance Supplement Manual “Configure and Synchronise Xero”.

You can access Xero’s extensive online library to assist you in getting the most out of your Prism/Xero package. 

Key sections can be found below:
  1. Xero Demo 
  2. Getting Started with Xero 
  3. Tax Rates 
  4. Chart of Accounts  
  5. Accounting Functions
  6. Credit note
  7. Contacts 
  8. Reports 
  9. Billable expenses 
  10. Reconciling Transactions 
  11. Payroll 
  12. Tracking Categories

For assistance in setting up your Xero account or bringing across your old data, please don’t hesitate to email

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