[Improvement] Breeding | Mare pregnancy scan tasks are now created progressively

[Improvement] Breeding | Mare pregnancy scan tasks are now created progressively

Release Date: 4 September 2020

Pregnancy scan tasks and the foaling task are now created progressively as tasks are completed, rather than created all at once. This reduces the number of future tasks in the system and on the breeding worksheet, beyond the next sequential task.

The sequence of tasks is as follows:
  1. Create Scan 1 (early scan) task upon completion of Ovulation Scan when result is 'Ovulated', or upon mare Service if not ovulation scan is requested;
  2. Create Scan 2 (mid scan) task upon completion of Scan 1 task when the result is 'Positive';
  3. Create Scan 3 (mid scan) task upon completion of Scan 2 task when the result is 'Positive';
  4. Create Foaling task upon completion of Scan 3task when the result is 'Positive'.

Note that you may record a pregnancy scan as 'Negative', but later modify that result to 'Positive' upon re-examination at a later date. In such cases when a scan result is changed to 'Positive', the next sequential scan task or foaling task will be automatically created.

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