[Improvement] Finance | Enable pushing of credit notes from Prism to Xero

[Improvement] Finance | Enable pushing of credit notes from Prism to Xero

Previously, any Credit Notes raised in Prism would only synchronise to Xero upon running the month end statement process in Prism.

We have now enabled an option to push these Credit Notes to Xero immediately, should you prefer that to occur.

Our Support team will have to enable this on your account, and it is a global setting for all Credit Notes created in Prism.

Your setting is shown in Prism's Organisation Config screen, as either:
a) Only Credit Note to Xero after generating Statement
b) Sync Credit Note to Xero after Credit Note creation or update

If you choose to synchronise Credit Notes to Xero after creation, the status of the Credit Note remains pending until it is approved to generate Statement. This means you can still edit/delete the Credit Note in Prism and auto-sync the update to Xero.

Note however, that if the Credit Note has been allocated to an invoice on Xero, an error message will display requiring you to remove the allocation of the credit to an invoice. Removing the credit allocation will enable the synchronisation to proceed.

To enable this immediate synchronisation of Prism Credit Notes to Xero, please submit a support request.