New Runners Sheet is now available

New Runners Sheet is now available

22 March 2021 | General Management (Racing)
Thoroughbred Trainers and Syndicators can now save an updated version of the Upcoming Runners Sheet as a PDF file and print. We have improved the format and content of this sheet.

Click on the Racing in your menu, and then navigate to the upcoming race date for which Acceptances have been published and select Print.

First save the report (in PDF format) to your computer. You can then print it from that location.

The layout of the report has been improved and content enhanced, including the display of horse identifications and the most up to date list of Gear that the horse has been registered to carry.

Plenty of blank space has been purposefully left in the right-hand-side for any relevant comments on race day. This could include the name of your transport company, the strapper assigned to the horse, or any other remarks applicable.

Note: We have now updated the raceday gear on every registered thoroughbred horse profile in Prism to match Racing Australia, based on the most recent race nomination or acceptance file. If a horse has not been nominated or accepted for a race recently, raceday gear will not reflect recent gear change requests until that horse is next nominated or accepted for a race.