Share Horses, Owners, Ownership and Tasks with your suppliers

Share Horses, Owners, Ownership and Tasks with your suppliers

Released: 23 Feb 2023  |  All modules

Prism now offers the selective sharing of horses, owners, horse ownership and tasks with another business who is also a Prism subscriber.

This feature is best suited to these two scenarios:
  1. A trainer sharing horses and owners with suppliers of agistment, pre-training, veterinary, farrier, dentist or transport services. 
  2. A farm sharing horses and owners with suppliers of veterinary, farrier, dentist or transport services.
Suppliers will not have to manually add horses, owners or horse ownership into their Prism account. The sharing of owners and ownership is optional, however.

A Trainer or Farm can also choose to synchronise tasks across both portals for visibility and transparency. A task created in a Supplier's Prism portal will appear (read only) in the Trainer/Farm portal, and vice versa.

We will soon also enable syndicators to share horses and owners with an appointed trainer, educator and/or pre-trainer. and enable the synchronisation of Vet Procedures. These features are expected to be available in Autumn 2023.

Trainers and farms who are considered the 'custodian' of a horse, have the ability to share horse(s) with supplier(s) of services.

Each supplier must first be configured as a Supplier in Prism, and configured to enable sharing.

When sharing horse(s) with supplier(s), the following options can also be selected:
  1. permanently share the horse’s current location and status to the supplier;
  2. share the horse’s owners and ownership to the supplier;
  3. permanently synchronise (two-way) all dentist, farrier and other general tasks associated with the horse across both Prism accounts. 
We will soon also enable synchronisation of vet procedures and treatments. This feature is expected to be ready in Autumn 2023.

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