Overview of sharing horses, owners and tasks

Overview of sharing horses, owners and tasks

Prism offers the selective sharing of horses, owners, horse ownership and tasks with other businesses who are also Prism subscribers.

A trainer or farm can share horses with suppliers of agistment, pre-training, veterinary, farrier, dentist or transport services - if they are also using Prism.

Suppliers can accept the invitation to automatically add the horses into their Prism account.
When sharing horse(s) with supplier(s), any of the following options can be selected:
  1. permanently share the horse’s current location and status to the supplier;
  2. share the horse’s owners and ownership to the supplier;
  3. permanently synchronise (two-way) all dentist, farrier and other general tasks associated with the horse across both Prism accounts. 
The sharing of Vet Procedures is not yet available. This features is expected to be released in Autumn 2023.

It is first necessary to determine who is the ‘custodian’ of the horse. This is typically determined by who has the primary relationship with owners of the horse (or is the owner).

For example, a trainer is likely to be the custodian of a horse. A trainer can share horse(s) with supplier(s) of services. Each supplier must first be configured as a Supplier in Prism. See the article How to Manage Suppliers.

Syndicators cannot yet share a horse with their appointed trainer or other suppliers. This feature is expected to be released in Autumn 2023.

Suppliers will not have to manually add horses (or owners, if also shared) into their Prism account. The custodian of the horse will be displayed in each horse profile and a search bar enables those horses to be easily identified.

If you choose to share owners with a supplier, it is critical to ensure you have authorisation from owners to share their contact details with your suppliers. This is common if your suppliers are to be billing owners directly. It could be a clause in your Terms of Service (e.g. Training Agreement, Agistment Agreement, etc). 

Follow the steps on our help site to share a horse or multiple horses, with a supplier or multiple suppliers.

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