View Stable / Farm Dashboard on Prism Web

View Stable / Farm Dashboard on Prism Web

The Prism PLUS Stable/Farm Dashboard is visible to staff members granted Prism PLUS permission on their staff accounts (see Get started with Prism PLUS).

Click on the Prism PLUS menu option.

Currently, there is one Dashboard for an overview of all horses in your stable or on your farm. 

Customise what columns you displayed by clicking on the down arrow in the far right of the column header row.

Apply location and barn/paddock filters if you desire, then view the horses that match that filter.

Apply a filter on the red and/or Amber welfare flags to view all horses where the most recent horse note has been flagged (escalated) for review.

If you only want to view horses with a horse note recorded today, tick the option box to 'only show horses with an active change today'.

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